Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Months Later

 Ok, ok.  Confession time.  I have seen these big, poofy headbands on babies and have thought they were a bit much.  I may have even thought they were ridiculous.  Maybe.  Until now!  I still think they are ridiculous - ridiculously cute!!  Look at this sweet little love!
 I have had the hardest time getting pictures of her that I feel do her justice.  My friend who took all the beautiful photographs on my blog said she probably needs lots of natural light.  So today I trekked outside under a tree and captured some great pictures of her.  Her eyes are just dreamy, aren't they?
 Normally such a smiley baby but this was the closest we got to a true smile.  She was so pensive while we were making fools of ourselves trying to get her to smile.  Complete fools but who really cares! 

Three months ago today she arrived on our doorstep.  Complete gift from God!  If you are around me very long you will hear me say that I think everyone needs a little Naomi in their life.  Such sweet tenderness surround this little soul.  Everywhere we go people comment on her sweetness.  I fall more in love everyday and that is saying something.  For one who isn't normally a big baby fan I am enjoying pretty much every minute. 

Oh and Jenny.......only a month until you can snuggle her close.  You get first dibs on her at the cabin.  :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Everyday Life

 My busy days have left very little time lately for me to think past the here and now.  Most days if I think past the next moments I can quickly feel overwhelmed.  This time of year is just so busy at our house.  The man of the house is working long 6 day weeks right now.  I have a whole new appreciation every spring for single parents.  Having to feed the kids every evening by myself, getting them to help clean-up from the days activities, refereeing the do people do it by themselves day in and day out?  Mark did make sure I was intent on finding someone to help me at least 1 day a week so that I could have a small break.  He doesn't expect me to do it all by myself.  We have learned long ago that everything runs smoother if I have some time either to myself or with less demands.  And yesterday, it wasn't that I even had time alone.  I just had one child with me at the grocery store and two children to the eye doctor.  I didn't have to take all 4 of the little ones which is a huge blessing. 
 This was my floor by 8:00 one morning.  I love that they dig into the creative, crafty stuff often.  I make sure it is accessible to them so they can create anytime they desire.  The clean-up can be a little difficult sometimes.
 This past Saturday our boys elementary school had their annual 5k walk/run and spring festival.  Judah loves to run and wants to sign up for 5k's as soon as he knows one is happening.  He and his friend pictured here ran together and decided to cross the finish line together so they would be tied for first place!  Judah ran a personal best of 25:55 minutes!  He was pretty excited and is gearing up for another race on Saturday. 
 This was Shane's first time running a 5k and he also teamed up with his friend.  He did great as well and finished in 38 minutes!  Such sweet boys!
 And our darling geese have become a complete nuisance at this point!  How is it even possible for them to poop so much?!  And they are taking to running through my garden. 

The excitement of the week has been the sighting of a bobcat and also a bear!  This is the second time a bobcat has been spotted at our house (I haven't seen it yet) and the first time we saw a bear.  We knew the bear has been around since I have had to clean up the mess it has left behind a few times.  Heidi went out on our front porch right before she was going to bed, came back in with huge eyes and tried to tell us about the bear through her constricted throat due to her fear!  I looked out the window and yelled for the boys to come quickly.  The big ole' bear meandered through our yard slowly.  It was beautiful to watch but if it hangs around we will be called the game commission.  Makes me a little uneasy with my children who like to play outside a lot.
And my sweet baby is already 13 weeks old!  She is still so pleasant and loves to be snuggled.  I still have to fight my way through the other kids who are basically smothering her with love so I can hold her.  They get downright grumpy with me sometimes when I tell them it is my turn.  How she loves her fingers!

Hope your week is running along smoothly and that someone who is reading this is getting to enjoy sunshine since the sun seems evasive around here!  I was just thinking this morning how much I would love to live where the sun shines everyday! 

Monday, May 14, 2012


 Yesterday, on the day set aside to honor mothers I was very aware of the sacrifice made by other mothers who I have never met.  I looked at this picture of me with my girls last night and was simply speachless upon realizing they all have a different birthmom but all so completely my girls!  We speak with Eden about her first mom often but there is a finality there since her birthmom is no longer in this world.  We still honor Alemnesh for loving her daughter and giving her life.  And all through church yesterday and as we stood to have Naomi dedicated I thought of her birthmother and how this mothers day is vastly different for her.  I am the one who is kissing her cheeks, seeing her smile and holding her close.  May God bless her dear birthmom for her sacrifice!!  Look at those sweet girls!  How funny that 5 years ago I was hoping we would have a daughter in a couple of years. 
Sometimes driving in the car just tuckers you out! 

And for the record, I tried to get my boys for a pictures but decided I wouldn't torture them.  We had a splendid day!  We had a relaxing morning, went to the later service at church, had Naomi dedicated and then spent a fun afternoon/evening with my Aunt Tina, Uncle Glenn, cousin Brianna and her boyfriend Brandon.  They are probably my kids new favorite!  They blessed us tremendously yesterday!!  Thank you a million times over for spending time with us! 

I started this Monday morning with a full cup!  That hasn't happened in quite a while.  Mark and I had an evening out on Friday and were treated to a beautiful dinner by my Uncle Elvin and Aunt Molly.  We spent hours talking, being encouraged and laughing!  If everyone who has dinner with them leaves feeling so encouraged, wow!  And then yesterday spending time with another aunt/uncle!  Blessed beyond measure.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

 Even though we live on a few acres, have a humongous swing set (thanks Barb and Marshall), plenty of space to run, a sandbox........some days still call for a run to the local park.  Our boys had a day off of school so we packed up after lunch to run off excess energy.  How it is even possible for kids to have so much energy is beyond me!  Should be a crime. 
 Heidi asked for sunglasses for her birthday so the next week Eden went looking in Mark's truck to find a pair.  She found herself a pair and was thrilled! 
 Just cute!  End of story.
 Whoops....he is cute too.  Now end of story!  Seriously though.  Isn't he handsome?
 And look who is growing? 
 This was not staged folks!  Heidi was sharing her blankie with Naomi.  I do have to watch her closely since she likes to cover Naomi's face with her hands, blankets, whatever covers her and makes her squirm.  I am thinking about doing the same thing to Heidi in hopes that she realizes how uncomfortable it is but am afraid she will think it is fun.  Those types of reverse pyschology situation always backfire on me. 
 And look who has found her fingers!  She has almost completely given up her pacifier and has transitioned to being a finger sucker!  Since she self soothes now she sleeps for long periods of time at night.  I hesitate to tell you how long she has slept the past three nights in fear that she will switch it up on me.  Maybe next week I will tell you.
 Here are the newest residents on our property.  We have two different pair of geese and their goslings hanging out in our yard.  We like watching them peck around. 
If they start digging in my garden my fondness for them will change rapidly!! 

We are gearing up for summer around here and the countdown until the end of school has happened.  I am lining up some help for myself this summer so we survive.  I finally accepted the fact that I cannot do everything that needs done.  Go ahead and congratulate me for admitting to my limits!  I was buried under office work last week and am slowly digging my way out.  This time of year is just a little on the busy side at our house. 

And I am looking forward to a night out with my sweet husband this weekend!!  Date night gets sweeter and more necessary with each child we add to our family.  Know what I mean?