Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cabin Fever

We are officially getting a pretty severe case of cabin fever at this house.  This winter seems long and never ending.  Like every winter feels as February drags on.  I feel as though I am literally craving warmth and sun.  Soon we will be running out the door barefoot again with the smell of sunscreen wafting behind us!
 Until then we bundle up and walk out to greet the school aged kids of the house every afternoon.  Heidi is insistent that she walk along daily to watch them get off the bus.  Then she turns and runs as fast as her little legs will carry her back towards the house!  Or sometimes she hides behind a tree to jump out and scare us. 
 I love my days with her!  She is typically helpful and always stubborn!  Her phrase of late when things are not going the way she wants is "You are breaking mine heart!"
 Heidi took this picture of Naomi and I just think it is sweet.
 An unexpected snow last week had us awaken to a magical winter wonderland!  Everything was covered in snow!!  I initially felt that familiar feeling of annoyance until I really stopped to look.  I stepped outside with the camera to try and capture the beauty.  The sky was dark and brooding in one direction and clear blue in the other
 Tristan's favorite climbing tree!

 And this young man didn't get the memo that it is still winter!  At least he has shoes, gloves and his face mask on.
 She joined in the snowball fight too!
Pre-bedtime snuggles.  She was nearly asleep until she had her breathing treatment.  Albuterol gives "coming out of her skin" a whole new meaning!  Look at that cheesy smile.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Turning Twelve

I still find myself in a state of disbelief that twelve years have already passed since the day Judah entered the world and I became a mother.  I can vividly remember pretty much every detail of the day of his birth.  Mainly, I thought I was going to die.  I was sure of it!  But low and behold I survived.
 It goes without saying that this boy is happiest outside.  Especially if it involves fishing or hunting.  Right now he is convinced he has found coyote tracks on the mountainside.  For the past week he has gone for at least an hour long hike everyday after school.  He puts on his boots, grabs his binoculars and off he goes! 
 These pictures were from the splendid warm days of summer.  Oh how I am ready for the warmth of the sun again!!  Even though it brings the hope of fishing every day much to my dismay!
 We live within a short walk of a great creek but I still find it hard to let him go on his own.  I am sure he is hoping I soon lighten up a little bit. 
 He had a couple of friends over on Saturday to celebrate with him.  Something transpired that made me so incredibly proud of him!  It proved to me that his heard is extremely kind even though I have a hard time seeing past all the foibles.  Why is it so easy for me to only see the areas of character that need tweaked?  I find myself frequently telling him I am sorry if we are too hard on him or expect to much.  I am still figuring this parenting thing out (pretty sure you never completely figure it out).  He is growing and changing and sometimes I have to do a double-take when he enters a room.  Or when he sidles up next to me in the kitchen and offers to help with dinner.  Other times I am confused by the attitude that is starting to show that has never been a part of him before.  Or the tense jaw when he is upset.  When did he start changing into a young man?  With opinions that need to be listened to.  And hurts that are real.  And misconceptions that aren't based on truth and need to be readjusted.  This parenting thing is tricky business. 
Over the past year he has really seemed to enjoy taking pictures.  He will ask to use the camera and I find beautiful treasured when I download them.  Like the picture of this butterfly.  Must be his artistic flair showing up.

I love this boy and I sure hope we can navigate these next years decently well.  He is a treasure and I love him dearly!