Monday, April 22, 2013

The Quandary

It's time I divulge my ongoing quandary I suppose.  While I enjoy immensely writing and sharing my humble thoughts I have come to a place of unrest. 

I was talking with a friend recently about what I like about reading blogs but also what I don't like.  This friend is kind of anti-blogs because of the difficulty of seeing the whole picture.  Everyone likes the upbeat, pretty pictures, artsy, funny, leave me feeling inspired blogs but most of my life is the daily pounding out, cleaning up both physical and emotional messes, falling flat on my face kind of days.  And who really wants to read about those?  I had to laugh though as we talked about the pretty instagram, soft and fuzzy pictures you see all the time.  My friend said, "Yeah, well look at life through my glasses and they are foggy all right.  From little fingerprints!"  So very true.

As I have struggled with often feeling like my blog isn't very artsy or pretty I have come to realize that I am much more simplistic in nature.  Therefore it would be natural to reflect that in the cyber world.  This doesn't mean that I won't be contacting my dear friend Katie to help update things and give my blog a much needed makeover.  It just means that my more simplistic approach to life is going to come through - even here.

So bear with me as I start trying to sort through thoughts, feelings and daily life.  You can help us celebrate when we have a week of no explosive angry fits from our daughter who is working very hard to not let her anger consume her! You can celebrate birthdays and other fun milestones with us - like first baseball games and first turkey harvested! You can laugh at my daughters dismay when finding out her sister and friends didn't want to have a butt party with her after she had already completely disrobed and sat naked with tears streaming down her face. 

Oh yes!  Life is never, ever dull at this house.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Still Kicking

We are in fact still alive and kicking around here.  This week has been the first week that has felt "normal" since mid-February.  And by normal I mean that we haven't been to the doctor more than once this week.  This means I have been home more which makes me very happy.  I am perfectly content to not have to start up my car and go anywhere for 3 days in a row.  That will be ending next week as Shane will be starting baseball.  Not sure how we agreed to an organized sport except that we experienced a moment of weakness.  Not that we are opposed to having them in sports.  We really want them to play organized sports.  Its just the carting around a lot of small children to accommodate the practices that have me feeling moments of anxiety.  But we will somehow get through it.  Hopefully with smiles on our faces. 
I do believe its safe to say we are on the upside of all the illness.  Although the last time I dared utter those words the school called within 30 minutes to say Eden was throwing up.  So I say "we are better" with fear and trembling.  Tristan had 2 ear infections and is on antibiotics again since at his recheck this week his ears were filled with fluid and getting red again. Eden has had bronchitis, an ear infection that was resistant to antibiotics and had the pukes, Heidi has had 2 ear infections and Naomi has had 2 ear infections.  All within 5 weeks!  It has been loads of fun at our house!  I keep thinking surely spring will come but seeing snow flurries again yesterday has me second guessing. Never have I craved spring like this year!  I really need to feel the warmth of the sun and see my kids running out the door in their bare feet.  Hoping that is in the near future!
 One of the nicer and warmer days recently found all my children outside traipsing around collecting things to make a small "fairy garden". 
 I found their various states of dress pretty funny.  Some thought the 40 degree weather was warm while others still needed their winter coats! 
 Working together to assemble their garden.  This morning was a rare treat as I watched my children work together and talk respectfully to each other.  Moments like these are not the norm so I tuck them away and treasure them. 
 Of course our free spirit had to take a break from collecting sticks and acorns and try her hand at the hula-hoop. 
 And then she had to grab a stick and mess in the water for a bit.
 Eden hard a work collecting moss for the grass in the small garden. She is typically the one who is eager to help!  And she is finding great joy in helping others.  As our therapist explained to Eden her heart is growing.  She used the analogy of the Grinch whose heart grew 2 sizes.  I have so much to learn about the impact of early childhood trauma on the neurological development in a child.  But we are making strides in the right direction. And how I love this girl!  She is working so hard right alongside of me!
 Someone else is discovering babies!  So cute!
 One of our many trips to the doctor but they were still happy.
 Always finding new places to tackle his homework.
 Playing with her favorite Ellie the elephant.
And Naomi had her first pom-poms in her hair last week.  It made her look so grown-up!  This week she is deciding to walk half way across rooms until she falls giggling to the floor. I honestly thought she would be walking before now but now that she is figuring it out I am sort of worried about keeping tabs on her.  She takes busy to another level!