Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Snapshots of Life

Turns out adding baseball to the schedule on an almost daily basis has pretty much kicked my butt! There is so much snack planning, preparation, sweatshirts to pack, blankets to grab, homework to get done, dinner to eat and still get to the field on time.  We are mid-way through the season and while there are aspects I will miss I will not miss the busy aspect that goes along with loading all the kids up 4 nights a week.  I will miss the community feel, the families spending hours together and cheering each others boys on to do their best.  I really do get very excited watching my boys friends have a good game!
 For a family that has always been pretty happy at home and content to play alongside each other we are finding our Saturdays even more special now.  Endless messes (sigh), lots of squabbles, plenty of laughter but equal amounts of screams.....this is the season of our life.  The girls found this big box and decided to make it the place to play for probably an hour.  I thought it was marvelous because it kept them contained.  Especially Naomi.  The girl knows the second the bathroom door hasn't been latched and quicker than you can imagine is splashing toilet water everywhere!  But you cannot keep her in a box all day.
 Heidi spending time in the sunshine and trying to feed some ducks that had a nest in the little creek next to our house.
 Eden sitting in a tree while Heidi was trying to feed the ducks.  Notice how Eden has a winter coat on and Heidi has a tank top? 
 Judah showing me his catch of the day!
 Naomi playing with Mittens on the back deck. 
 My lapse in getting Mittens spayed resulted in 6 sweet little kittens arriving much to the delight of my children.  The immediate pleas of "can we please keep them" started with the equally immediate resounding "NO!"
 These kittens have been very loved and we are now hoping to find them loving homes to go home to soon.
 Our pirate Heidi with her hula-hoop!  Pretty cute pirate if you ask me.
 An equally cute pirate with a bit of an attitude about something in his life that was not to his liking.
 My Shane boy pitching for his first time.  He has enjoyed every single minute of playing baseball!
 Playing doctor while waiting for the doctor at a well check.
 Judah bagged his very first turkey this year.  A huge thank you to my cousin Logan for taking the time to take Judah out so early on a Saturday morning.  One of the best phone calls ever!  Answering the phone early and hearing an excited, "Mom? I got one!"  I think I was almost as excited as him!
 Birthday date with Heidi at her favorite place - Chick-fil-A!
 Another trout Judah  caught while Shane had practice.  This one came home, was cooked and eaten a little after 9:00 that night. 
 Tristan snuggling with two of the kittens.  Seeing his sweet little face makes me second guess my rapid "no" to adding another kitten.  I mean really!  Look at him!
And one more baseball picture!  He is such a cutie!