Wednesday, November 28, 2012


A note I stumbled upon this morning.  Made my day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Life

 I know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I really should pull out the traditional "thanksgiving" post but that will have to wait.  My children, who by the way will play a huge roll in my thanksgiving post, are soon to arrive home from school but I know my mother always appreciates glimpses into our everyday life so here goes.  The above picture needs no explanation! 
 Trying to squeeze in a game of chess before it is time to walk out the door to meet the bus in the morning.  The dark evenings and colder temperatures have a way of bringing out the dusty games.  Number one on the list this year for all three boys is chess.
 After continues.  It does my heart good to see them using their brains and figuring out the strategy part of the game.
 The highlight of last weekend was dog-sitting for some friends.  Heidi doesn't like dogs and by the end of the weekend Tucker was stretched out on her bed!  I still kind of miss him. He is a one in a million dog!
 She has figured out how to crawl into my laundry basket while I am trying to fold laundry.  Kind of cute but kind of not.  Sort of like the first time you walk into your babe's room and they are standing in their crib with a big smile.  Cute until they decide to do it in the middle of the night.  She is learning too many tricks too fast!
 Cousins!  Naomi seemed to lock in on Manny every time he was nearby.  And he seemed happy to entertain her.  I did see him get his daddy's attention and motion to Naomi while holding her. He seemed to be saying he would like a baby.  I mean seriously people!  Could that be any sweeter?!  Last year this time we didn't know Naomi was on the radar and Steve and Sharon were preparing to meet Manny and Ruth for the first time.  I love His redemption!
She is full of personality for sure! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Tricks

 Look what someone is learning to do!  It's her newest trick! 
 She has to pause from her busy work to show you her little teeth!
 And then right back to business.  This is all she wants to do now.  Stand next to the furniture.  She is figuring out how to shuffle along and get to other parts of the couch as well.  If she falls over, she lays on her back, claps a few times, rolls over and goes right back for more.  She hasn't cried yet from any of her falls.
 She is seriously beautiful!  Her eyes just draw you in.
 I was trying to get her ready for bed last night and she kept scooting away so she could stand up.  She is so pleased with herself!
Her newest cheese face!  She is a busy one but she fits right in with the rest of the crew.  She is working on perfecting her abilities to say "da-da" and "ma-ma" and we love every minute of it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Sidekick

 I wish I could convey how much I am enjoying my days with this little peanut!  We are settling into our new routine with the other kids going to school and she is loving the extra mommy time.  She is so predictable and seems to like routine like her mother.  Although she is much more of a free spirit than I have ever been or ever will be.  She always asks for an ice cream sandwich or a popsicle by 8:00 in the morning and the answer is always no.  But she keeps trying.  Every single time we go somewhere she asks to go to the bank in hopes of getting a lollipop. She loves going to the grocery store as much as I hate going.
 She is absolutely the sweetest big sister to Naomi.  She climbs in her crib every morning as soon as she hears a noise from her room.  They snuggle together for a few minutes and then I rescue them both.  I overhear her assuring Naomi of her love and watch her kiss her cheeks over and over.
She is bossy and a bit demanding but we are working on her proper responses.  I love that she gets to have a non-stressed out mother during the days.  I am still working on and learning how to breathe deep when everyone charges through the door full throttle at the end of the school day.  Managing attitudes, needs, wants, helping to settle disputes......after 30 minutes I can feel my blood pressure rising.  How I need His grace to mother these children He has given me.

Today is a bathing suit sort of day for Heidi.  She has dug out her favorite suits and is changing and changing and changing.  So lighthearted and carefree.  Why is it so hard for me to live like her? 

I had a friend call me on Sunday and say, "Every time I think of you lately I hear two words 'make dinner'.  I feel like the Lord is telling me to make you dinner this week.  May I?"  Even now it makes me cry.  For different reasons.  Sometimes it feels so nice to know He loves me enough to speak to a friend and tell them I am weary.  It also is amazing to have friends that are obedient to His voice.  It is very humbling to be on the receiving end of peoples love.  Fact is, having someone bring me dinner tonight is a beautiful act of service!!  I have been having some health challenges lately (won't bore you with the details) but the medicine I am on makes me operate with pretty significant fatigue.  What normally isn't a big deal feels like an ordeal now.  Having to pace myself so I am not completely run down is frustrating.  It is teaching me how much I need people which is something He has been trying to teach me for a long time now.  Something as simple as not having to make dinner frees up some time for me to dig into some other neglected things around my home.  So grateful today for friends who genuinely love and love well!!

Now I am off to find my free spirited child and see where she may be "swimming."  Thanks to you who continue reading my ramblings even though they are way more sporadic than I would like.  Someday......