Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Little Details

If you have been reading here for any length of time you will know from previous years that one of my most treasured things to pull out of the Christmas bins every year are the stockings that Mark's grandmother lovingly knit for each one of us.  Each unique and different just like all of us.  When Naomi came home, at some point I realized that she wouldn't have a stocking since Mark's grandmother had passed away shortly before Naomi was born.  A little detail that to some would be inconsequential but to me was very important.  As Christmas started getting closer I approached a lady that attends the same service as us who I knew was an accomplished knitter and asked her if she would be willing to work with me on knitting a stocking.  As we talked and I looked at the craziness of my life I realized there was no way I was going to find any time to try and knit.  Especially a project of that magnitude.  After I finally contacted her and said it would be a no go for this year but maybe we could work on it after Christmas she offered to just do it for us.  It was done so similarly as all the rest.  The colors and pattern were a surprise just like all the rest. It was knit with love just like all the rest.  She specifically knit hearts on the stocking to symbolize love.  Do you see them?  Naomi's stocking is all the way on the left.  If you look you will see the hearts.  Naomi was prayed for as Amy knit.  What more could you ask for?  Small details that were unspoken but God knew they were tucked away in my heart.  And He blessed us through Amy!  Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts Amy!  For loving us, for loving our baby girl and giving us this beautiful gift!

 Speaking of Naomi......she is growing up right before our eyes! She wants in on all the action and can keep up with pretty much everyone in this house.  I think the only reason she isn't walking yet is as soon as she stands she starts bouncing!  It is so cute!
 There is no more taking pictures unawares either.  She loves the camera! 
 One of these days the kids will learn to hang their backpacks on their hooks.  Naomi sees an unattended backpack on the floor and immediately starts going through everything to find some crinkly paper. 
 And if I leave her alone for a minute this is the kind of stuff I find her doing now. Ridiculous!!
 She seems to young to be climbing already but she will be 10 months next week.  She has taken one tumble down the stairs without hardly any crying.  We decided to start working with her on the proper way of tackling the stairs when you are her size.  She has mastered going up the stairs but hasn't quite figured out how to back down yet.  Although I found her on the top stair last week going down backwards.  She is a quick learner but really keeps me on my toes. 
Sisters snuggling in bed.  Or Eden was trying to snuggle.  Naomi was more interested in rolling around and squealing!  Just trust me when I say she has the loudest, most shrill scream you have every heard!  It is her happy scream but wow!  Judah sometimes opts to wear ear plugs and for good reason. 

We are waiting for one more thing to go through for Naomi's adoption but as of now on December 18th at 8:30 in the morning we will be standing before a judge giving our affirmation that we do indeed want to follow through with the intent of adoption that was filed.  What a beautiful and lovely Christmas gift to our family! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Its that time of day.  The last few minutes of relative quiet before all the kids pile off the bus and the boisterous activity begins.  Homework, snacks, fighting, more snacks, hugs.....this beautiful mess called life.  I love when all my kids are home but I also love the quietness of the day when it is just the two girls and I.  These months with the girls have been so good for my soul.  I find myself laughing more  and feeling a little less stressed.  Which is good for everyone.
We are within 2 weeks now of Naomi becoming a forever part of our family.  Still hard to believe sometimes that a year ago we had no idea she was being formed and here we are a year later totally smitten!  There have been so many things about this adoption experience that have been life changing but seeing God provide all our needs along the way has been pretty amazing!  And a wonderful life lesson for our children.  
The night before Naomi came to our home a friend arrived on my doorstep with 2 big boxes of diapers, wipes and formula.  The basic necessities we would be needing the next day but I literally had not had time to go buy those things in the midst of gathering paperwork for our agency.  And that was the beginning of watching as God knit our hearts with so many as they contributed to caring for Naomi but ultimately loving our family beautifully! 
Mid-summer my aunt told me that her daughter had done a little bake sale at their yard sale to fund raise for our adoption.  I was pretty speechless.  My cousin Kristen is 2 months older than our son Judah. Her awareness of the needs of others might surprise some but if you knew her parents it wouldn't surprise you too much.  And if you knew her story it wouldn't surprise you either.  She shares the experience of adoption just like Naomi.
 Here they are this summer.  I love this picture of the two of them looking at each other.  Hearts bonded and connected through similar life stories.  
She raised $40 dollars to contribute towards expenses.  Some might wonder how far $40 dollars can go in paying for an adoption.  I will tell you what her $40 contribution paid for:  our updated criminal clearances and child abuse clearances.  We had to update all our clearances and fingerprints and that helped pay for them.  We are so grateful for her heart, for her story and that she has a heart for orphans!

We are in the homestretch now and within 2 weeks of standing before a judge to finalize Naomi's adoption.  We are so grateful to every single person who has loved us and supported us over this past year.  The phone calls, formula, diapers, monetary gifts, t-shirts all have a part in Naomi's story!  And one day she will know how so many loved her!  We will make sure of that!