Monday, April 22, 2013

The Quandary

It's time I divulge my ongoing quandary I suppose.  While I enjoy immensely writing and sharing my humble thoughts I have come to a place of unrest. 

I was talking with a friend recently about what I like about reading blogs but also what I don't like.  This friend is kind of anti-blogs because of the difficulty of seeing the whole picture.  Everyone likes the upbeat, pretty pictures, artsy, funny, leave me feeling inspired blogs but most of my life is the daily pounding out, cleaning up both physical and emotional messes, falling flat on my face kind of days.  And who really wants to read about those?  I had to laugh though as we talked about the pretty instagram, soft and fuzzy pictures you see all the time.  My friend said, "Yeah, well look at life through my glasses and they are foggy all right.  From little fingerprints!"  So very true.

As I have struggled with often feeling like my blog isn't very artsy or pretty I have come to realize that I am much more simplistic in nature.  Therefore it would be natural to reflect that in the cyber world.  This doesn't mean that I won't be contacting my dear friend Katie to help update things and give my blog a much needed makeover.  It just means that my more simplistic approach to life is going to come through - even here.

So bear with me as I start trying to sort through thoughts, feelings and daily life.  You can help us celebrate when we have a week of no explosive angry fits from our daughter who is working very hard to not let her anger consume her! You can celebrate birthdays and other fun milestones with us - like first baseball games and first turkey harvested! You can laugh at my daughters dismay when finding out her sister and friends didn't want to have a butt party with her after she had already completely disrobed and sat naked with tears streaming down her face. 

Oh yes!  Life is never, ever dull at this house.


Valerie said...

Hi Becky! I love your simpler blog, and I love the little things and the sad / hard things. I find blogs that are all just the happy fun stuff terribly boring (I don't read them!) whereas I love your blog because of your honesty about the daily trials and struggles that aren't glamorous, but are reality (and make us who we are, or who we are supposed to be). Thank you for sharing!!

Mim said...

I think blogging about life and parenting can help us to keep perspective. It can also help us to remember the pleasures of parenting too. I like your blogs as they present the ups and downs of life, not just one or the other.